Fardeen Khan says – people haven’t forgotten me, I feel good

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fardeen khan
Fardeen Khan is planning to get along a comeback after 11 long years. He recently is being talking about losing 18 kilograms in previous six months. While about all this Fardeen says that he did not wish to go his picture viral like this. He says that he was never expecting people to react like this and strongly on this. The picture gone after someone clicked it outside the Mukesh Chhabra’s office. Fardeen Khan says that it made him feel good about people doing his warm welcome this way. Fardeen says that he didn’t knew if photographer was standing nearby to capture him.

He feels that people are generous to talk about him still. While on this he addresses that it is daunting to have appear after such long break, that too when many things are been changing in Bollywood industry. He states that such reaction by the audience is bit easier. He was away from showbiz for around 11 long years. Fardeen states that world is all growing into digital age and social media becoming a total different character all along. He says that that he is happy with the power of social media and digital world too. As it can be intrusive too. Fardeen says that you need to work it for you.

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