Dr Ankita Sharma, True Corona Warrior

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Dr Ankita Sharma
Dr Ankita Sharma

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 nearing an year when most people were forced shut inside their homes, stories of a few who left the confines of their safety for the well being of others continue to inspire us. One of such story belongs to Dr Ankita Sharma, who having just completed her internship and stuck away from her home in Delhi due to the lockdown made it a point to make the best out her situation. Observing the plight of the country and people around her suffering from this deadly virus, Dr Ankita quickly volunteered for duty as a Medical Officer at the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai, one of the first dedicated Covid hospitals in the country.

Catering to the health of the most severe cases of the Corona virus, Dr Ankita worked tirelessly in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital for 6 long months, away from the comfort of her home and risking her life for the ultimate cause of saving lives. It is because of the iron like grit and awe inspiring dedication of people like her that have seriously controlled the fatality rate of this virus in our nation.
With the travel restrictions being lifted, after a short stint of returning home, Dr Ankita has resumed working towards the betterment of covid infected patients at the Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai since the past two months, reaffirming our well placed belief in the determination of those few warriors like her to whom this whole nation owes a lot.
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