Dr Ankita Sharma told how to get inner happiness and how to combat depression

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Dr Ankita Sharma“Happiness is something that rests within your control and is not something you get by fulfilling your goals,” Dr. Ankita Sharma says. Spend time with your inner being, meaning, spend distraction-free time with your inner being. It can be meditation or, journaling to buff up your happiness. This practice will help you become more resilient in life. Also, be mindful or try to be in the present through your senses. Find happiness in an activity you actually enjoy, could be anything from dancing to painting or to go for a walk with a pet.

Do an activity that adds meaning to your life. If there is something you used to do earlier and found meaning in, lose yourself in that. If there is nothing that you can think of, then just connect with nature, sound of birds chirping, looking at the waving trees, or just clouds. Now, physical happiness meaning, Exercise which releases endorphins and makes us feel happier just by default. You can spend just 20 minutes of your day to make sure you are moving about and that would really help increase your mental wellbeing.

“Oh and my personal favorite Self love”

Change the way you talk to yourself in your head and take time out for yourself. Change the way you look yourself in the mirror. Speak to yourself when you see yourself in a reflection. Speak amazing about your achievements and your accomplishments. Work on your body and your mental health. Practice self love. Change your focus to look at all things. Sit with your problems rather than escaping from them.

Dr. Ankita Sharma says, Change the filter with which you look at the world, rather than the preset filter of criticism and finding faults. There are always going to be naysayers in your life. But don’t pay attention to them. Cultivate a preset for optimism. Focus on good things and and let gratitude overtake the inward negativity. It is the best thing you can do to pump up your happiness. In the end all we want is to be happy and content.

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