Dinosaur ‘s brain is developed by scientists to study about its habits

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Scientists develops brain of Britain’s earliest Dinosaur through digital technology. By using 3-D modelling technique, scientists develops their brain. Scientists are on this development as through its brain, they want to study the Dinosaur’s ability to run fast. While through this they will also come to know about their possible diet. Scientists have found that Bristol dinosaur or Thecodontosaurus might have eaten meat. They say that though they had massive long necks but researches shows that its relatives like Diplodocus and Brontosaurus were the species who use to survive on plants only. This researches are led by the Bristol university. The paleontologist who developed this have been using 3-D modelling techniques and imaging. Their hard work finally pays off as they did recreate the brain of Dinosaur.

Researchers says that studying this giant Dinosaurus will be helpful to all. This study will help a lot to study about the evolution of those giants. They also said that they are going to study about the formation and how they grew this big and large. People are debating since long that how Thecodontosaurus used to walk. Not only this, but they are curious to know what they use to eat and more. Scientists are continuously trying to extract information regarding this.

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