Delhi: 4.2 Earthquake experienced, Strong Tremors felt

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Delhi has experienced an earthquake today. It was a medium intensity earthquake with magnitude being 4.2. The Earthquake was experienced on Thursday. After knowing, people started rushing out of their homes. Epicentre of this earthquake was around 48 kms. at southwest of Gurgaon in Haryana, as says India’s National Centre for Seismology. The earthquake took place at 11:46 pm. Its depth record around 7.5 kms from the surface. Many people did felt strong tremors. in Delhi. Nearby areas of Delhi too felt it for some seconds.  There was no as such immediate report of any damage to life or property. Everyone starts quoting about the earthquake on social media. #Earthquake experiences sudden trending hashtag.

According to the reports, Satya Narayan Pradhan states the authentic details of the earthquake which says –
Date : 17.12.2020
Time : 23:46:45 IST
Lat : 28.06 N
Long : 76.72 E
Depth : 5 km
Region : Alwar, Rajasthan

While Delhi lies close to the faultline, due to which it has more chances to experience the big earthquake. It has been experiencing around 20 quakes since April 12, says NCR (National Capital Region). Delhi falls in the seismic Zone IV. It is a very high risk zone. The earthquake that occurred was of Magnitude 4.2 on Richter scale. If the scale would have crossed magnitude 6 it becomes, there were many structure that would have experience demolishment. Many from Bollywood also quotes on Tweeter and writes “Earthquake” including Swara Bhaskar, Ajay Maken, Sharmistha Mukherjee.

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