Covid 19: British actress Hilary Heath dies due to corona virus

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British actress Hilary Heath, best known for her role in the horror film ‘Witchfinder General’, has died at the age of 74 due to corona virus.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the news of her death was confirmed by her godson Alex Williams on Facebook last week.

In addition to acting, she also supported films such as “An Complete Big Adventure” in 1995, starring Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman in the lead roles and in 1997 by Gary Oldman’s “Nil by Mouth”.

Her resume also includes Ted Kotcheff’s Two Gentleman Sharing (1969), and Adoption of Wuthering Heights with Timothy Dalton, in which she played Isabella.

Along with her husband, Duncan Heath, she launched the agency Duncan Heath Associates, which was sold to ICM in 1984. Later, Kapal took the stage. Now in her family, her son Daniel Heath, a film musician and her daughter , Laura included.

Late actress Hilary Heath was born in Liverpool in England, making her big screen debut in 1968 with Michael Reeves’ horror film ‘Witchfinder General’.

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