Coronavirus: WHO gave advice on how to celebrate Ramadan, ways to offer prayers, from Wuzu to Sehri

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Amidst the corona epidemic, this year’s Ramadan is scheduled to run from April to May. In such a situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given internal advice to those celebrating it to follow social distancing.

The WHO recommends that the decision to prevent people from gathering at one place during this year’s Ramadan must be considered. The World Health Organization said, “These decisions may be part of the prayers that Muslims perform at the first watch of the night after Isha’s prayers.”

These namaz people perform in groups. While giving the anniversary, it has been said that if these Namazis are to be paid in groups, then TV, radio and social media can be used for this. Despite this, if people are allowed to gather, then it has been advised to follow the prescribed standards of social distancing.

WHO says that religious leaders should be involved in taking such decisions soon so that they can convey these messages to the people.

After this, the institution has already said that people should stay at least one meter or three feet away from each other, while stating the fixed standards of social distancing. While meeting each other, it has also been asked to greet from a distance so that there is no physical contact.

Keep old people away from organizing
It has been asked to avoid using any big place for any event related to Ramadan. Aged people have been specifically asked to stay away from any religious event. Patients suffering from co-morbid condition ie heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease or diabetes have been told to stay away from such events completely

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