Coronavirus Lockdown: Neha Kakkar gets upset with WhatsApp fake message

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At the moment when the whole world is grappling with the coronavirus epidemic. Many big artists are trying to entertain their own audiences on social media platforms. Now Neha Kakkar, who is spending time with her family in Rishikesh due to this Coronavirus Lockdown, has given a message to her audience.

Although Neha is missing a lot to drink outside during this time, but after this time she sees a good bright future. She says, “Industries are closing down, leading to a reduction in air pollution worldwide.” Water bodies have become clean. I hope that after the epidemic ends, we will become more environmentally aware. “

During this lockdown, Neha is most concerned about the fake forward messages, which are constantly misleading people. Talking about this, she said, “My mother is in her 50s and my father is in his 60s.” When they hear the rumors, they get nervous. The messages we get on WhatsApp are not always true. “

Neha said that the lockdown is affecting people’s mental health, “If a person is determined to do something, then he can definitely do it. It all happens in our mind. If you panic, you will feel claustrophobic. “

Neha gave a message to her fans during Coronavirus Lockdown saying, “Stay with loved ones, learn new things and get a good sleep. This is a good time for artists to come up with creative content. ”

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