Coronavirus: Ayushmann Khurrana urged people on nationwide lockdown

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Mumbai. Ayushmann Khurrana is urging all Indians to honor the announcement of extension of nationwide lockdown by the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi till 3 May. The socially conscious star says that we have the power to win over the deadly coronavirus and also asked every citizen of the country to contribute patiently at home to win over the virus.

Ayushmann says that “We all are at risk due to coronavirus and we have to be patient to prevent its spread. He says that nothing can be compared to the pain caused by losing life and urge every citizen of the country to stay home to protect themselves and their loved ones. He asked to honor the national lockdown by May 3 and follow the rules laid down by the government, as we have the power to save the lives of many others as well as ourselves. ”

Ayushmann appealed to every citizen to maintain the same resolution during this extended period of lockdown as he had shown during the initial lockdown of 21 days.

He says, “All the citizens of India are facing difficulties at various levels, every citizen is worried, but we are all constantly striving to stop the virus. He says, only we can help India conquer Coronavirus and protect the lives of millions of people. We should be sympathetic, do not let our resolve wobble, focus on making India win, do not panic. We all have to be vigilant to control the situation and help India return to normalcy. ”

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