Coronavirus: Arjun Kapoor made this appeal for pets

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Arjun Kapoor has suffered after reading and hearing the spicy number of abandoned pet cases in India. Dog lover Arjun has come forward to raise his voice against pet owners who are resorting to such acts.

The actor has recorded a video featuring his pet dog Max and has urged people not to commit cruelty to animals amid the coronovirus crisis in the country. Arjun calls the pets as family members and says, “At a time when coronovirus is spreading in our country, I am listening and reading how pets are being released on the streets. it breaks my heart!”

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A humble appeal to all the pet parents 🙏🏻

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The actor says that our pets are always loyal to us and we should always care about them no matter what happens! “Do not leave your pets because they never give up on you! sometimes! Be the voice of the voice and keep loving them and spoil them silly. “

In the video, 4-year-old Max is seen walking and chilling and without any care for the world, while Arjun emotionally appeals to all of us to stand up for animal rights.

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