Coronavirus: Aashka Goradia’s Yog in the Corona Period

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As PM Modi said in his address to the nation, we all should work towards increasing our immunity and staying fit to fight the virus. Yoga not only helps you stay physically fit but it helps you to become mentally strong, the two things that we need right now.

Actress Aashka Goradia and her husband Brent Goble, who are fully fitness enthusiasts and love to practice yoga together, share their yoga journey and this is the need of the hour. Aashka said, “Yoga focuses me in ways that go beyond words. Yoga is a universal practice. It touches all the physical aspects of the body.

Aashka said that you can record the practice right and in those places where you are motivated to reach further. “In the current crisis when the focus is on immunity and power building, Brent tells us how and why yoga helps us achieve both. “In yoga, you work with the body in ways that build strength in the nervous system, not muscle fibers.

You increase neuromuscular pathways. Your circulation and lymphatic system also speeds up which allows the body to clear a lot of cellular waste. By clearing this junk, the body can move more efficiently and become healthier, says Brent. The actress has also shared with us five basic Asanas that we can all do from the comfort of our home, which will help build a strong body and mind. “

It is all about meditation. “With the gym closed and no equipment at home, this may be the right time to focus on a lifelong yoga arising in India.

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