Corona started appearing in people with severe respiratory disease, signs of reaching the phase of community transmission

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Early signs of corona’s community transmission reaching the phase are beginning. A recent study by the ICMR has revealed that about two out of every 100 patients with severe respiratory disease suffer from the corona virus. The figure is even higher in Delhi, where more than five patients have been diagnosed with corona in every 100 patients, while four in Maharashtra and one and a half percent in Uttar Pradesh have been found to be corona positive.

In fact, to find out that corona virus has reached the community transmission, the ICMR has started investigating corona virus in patients with severe respiratory disease, who are admitted to ICU in various government hospitals in the country.

In this study, which started from 15 February, 859 patients underwent a corona test till 14 March, but none of them turned out to be corona positive. But after March 15, corona patients started getting tests. A total of 109 patients underwent a corona test between 15 and 21 March, of which two corona were positive. Between 22 to 28 March, 48 out of 2877 patients and between 29 March and 2 April, 2069 patients showed 48 and 54 patients respectively corona positive.

The biggest thing is that between March 29 and April 2, 2.6 corona patients per 100 patients were corona positive. In this way, from February 15 to April 2, 104 patients were found corona positive out of a total of 5911 patients. Getting corona positive of about two patients in every 100 patients who are seriously ill with respiratory disease is the first sign of its community transmission reaching the phase. The biggest thing is that 40% of these patients have no history of coming in contact with a travel or corona patient.

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