Bigg Boss OTT Drama: Jiya Shankar’s Prank on Elvish Yadav Stirs Major Criticism

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Elvish Yadav and Jiya
Elvish Yadav and Jiya

In the high-voltage reality show Bigg Boss OTT, entertainment and drama are the order of the day. The contestants often resort to pranks and antics to lighten the mood and create moments of laughter amid the stress and challenges. However, a recent incident involving Jiya Shankar and Elvish Yadav proved that not all pranks are appreciated in the Bigg Boss house.

During one of the tasks, where the contestants were facing intense challenges, Jiya Shankar decided to play a prank on fellow contestant Elvish Yadav. The idea seemed harmless at first, as pranks have been a regular occurrence in the house. However, Jiya’s prank took a turn for the worse when she mixed hand wash in Elvish’s glass of water, intending to catch him off-guard with a strange taste.

The prank, though meant to be light-hearted, didn’t sit well with the other contestants and the viewers. Many saw it as crossing the line between fun and malicious intent, especially during a time when everyone was already under immense pressure. In a highly competitive environment, where trust is hard to come by, such acts were seen as detrimental to the atmosphere of the house.

The incident triggered a wave of criticism towards Jiya Shankar, both inside the house and on social media. Many viewers felt that pranks should be limited to harmless jokes and not involve anything that could potentially harm someone physically or emotionally. The audience expects the contestants to respect each other’s boundaries, and Jiya’s prank seemed to have breached those limits.

The show’s host, who is known for promoting a positive and respectful environment in the house, also addressed the issue during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a friendly atmosphere while being competitive, urging the contestants to be more cautious with their pranks and actions.

As the controversy continued to brew, Jiya Shankar eventually apologized to Elvish Yadav and the other housemates for her ill-conceived prank. She expressed regret and assured everyone that it was not her intention to cause any harm. While some contestants accepted her apology, the incident left a lasting impact on the dynamics within the Bigg Boss OTT house.

In conclusion, the Jiya Shankar-Elvish Yadav prank incident in Bigg Boss OTT serves as a reminder that pranks should be approached with caution, especially during challenging times. Contestants must be mindful of their actions and considerate of each other’s feelings, fostering a harmonious environment that values camaraderie over mere entertainment. Bigg Boss OTT is not just about drama; it’s a platform for personal growth and bonding, and the participants should strive to maintain the balance between fun and respect throughout their journey in the house.


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