Bigg Boss 13: Why Siddharth compared Shehnaaz to cigarettes

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth Shukla finally took time out to talk to Shehnaaz Gill. After a long hiatus, Siddharth reveals to Shehnaaz what he feels and thinks about her.

Sid said to Shehnaaz, “Listen, I am connected to you.” My attachment to you is very different from other people. And your attachment to me is like a cigarette. I know it is ruining me, it will ruin me, but I will not leave it. While we are here, we will talk or not, but I will take care that you do not face any problem. This is true whether you believe it or not. “

Shehnaaz feels that he is speaking keeping the game in mind. But Siddharth refuses this note. Shehnaaz says that she knows that she is sensitive to the people she cares about. Shehnaaz says that if she is unable to talk to him, she suffers.

Siddhartha tells her to keep writing that “I will never hate you in life but I will not keep in touch with you.” we are very different. “

Shehnaaz tells that she is very stubborn and does exactly what she feels. Now let us see how this sour sweet relationship of these two takes place in Bigg Boss 13’s house.

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