Badshah: My non-film music speaks much more than film music

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Badshah says – “We are seeing independent musicians breaking barriers everyday across platforms, KR$NA being a prime example alongside others like Prateek Kuhad, Divine, Raftaar, Ritviz and so many more. My non-film music has always spoken much more for me than film music.”

Singer adds – “We belong to a country that has grown up worshipping cricket and Bollywood, the industry has been a source of storytelling and music and dance for years to an entire diaspora irrespective of caste, whether you are rich or poor, whether you live in a city or the remotest village. So Bollywood has its own reach and it’s undeniable.”

Badshah further explains – “It’s just great times in all possible ways. The digital revolutions, having music at your fingertips, platforms pushing the music listening habit so much, rise of OTT space — everything just points to a very bright future for music I think. The good thing is that things are now truly opening up for artistes. It’s extremely convenient to function as an independent artist now and put your music out to the audience.”

Badshah recently released his first song of the year, Roll Up with KR$NA. And he is happy to see the incredible response the song has received from fans.

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