Astrologer Neelam Taneja believes that something new can be learned in lockdown

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Neelam Taneja is a known astrologer of Mumbai. Nowadays due to the corona virus, she has selfquaruntine herself like other people due to the lockdown. Neelam Taneja is spending her time doing something new nowadays. She believes that the only person who can make good use of every bad time is intelligent.

       Neelam Taneja is known by people from every field from Bollywood to politics. In a recent interview, she was asked how she is spending her time during lockdown. Astrologer Neelam Taneja Quickly replied and said, “Every person has to face many kinds of problems in life, but every person’s grief is different. But this time this epidemic in the form of coronavirus has  not attacked a particular person, but have engulfed all mankind. And to avoid this problem, our government has also declared a lockdown. Neelam Taneja believes that we should spend this time of lockdown in doing something new or learning something new. “

 Many other things were asked to the astrologer, to which she answered very well. She also told that she believes that if any person is selfish then we should stay away from people of opposite thinking. Neelam Taneja’s successful mantra is to always be happy, do deeds and leave the fruits of faith to God.

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