Asha Negi addresses the love she got from the audience for Ludo

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asha negi

Asha Negi has continuously been in the television industry and ruling the over the heart of people. This year has been great for Asha Negi due to three big releases Baarish 2, Abhay 2 and Ludo. She is back after a break from acting. In a recent interview when asked about how was the 2020 for her, She replies to it by saying – “Frankly, it wasn’t bad when it came to work. I had some good web series, and of course, my first film released. I think the year was pretty kind to me.”

Talking about different roles she has been playing, she says – “Not just because it was my first film but because of the director and my co-stars, Ludo will always be very special to me. While Baarish and Abhay were also great parts, I was just overwhelmed with the love I got for Ludo. Even though it wasn’t on the big screen, my fans made sure to make its release so special. They were so excited and took efforts to make me feel loved. I am just thankful to each one of them for their selfless love.”

Asha Negi further tells about her experience and learning from 2020. She states – “That one should find happiness in the smallest of things. Also, most of us tend to take our families for granted, and not spend enough time with them. I have also done that, and this year, for a change, I took out time and spent days with them. And it was amazing.”

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