Arjun Rampal feels he have dated Gabriella for 18 years

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Arjun Rampal

Actor Arjun Rampal recently talks about his relation and how he has been feeling for Gabriella and says – “I don’t know how good the pandemic has been for us because I feel like I have been dating her for 18 years. No, she is a solid, solid girl. She reads a lot. She is a voracious reader. She reads about two books every week, and I think through the pandemic she must have read over 200 books. And really good books”.

The actor further adds and says – “So her mind, her sense of style, fashion, fun, humour, all these things matter. We both are into fitness. She was a new mom and with not that much help around because of the pandemic so we had to be so hands on. So it has been wonderful. She has been a tremendous support to me. I love to pick her brain, pull her leg.”

Arjun Rampal did discloses Gabriella being her girlfriend earlier back in 2019 and says – “We met through common friends. So, what can I say? That she stalked me? Wishful thinking that, buddy! It’s only been a year since we started dating and here we are. For keeps. And I must add that it was of prime importance that my daughters should accept her as part of the family. I’m blessed that they have, no questions asked.”


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