Another video of Anjali Arora has gone viral after her MMS went viral

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Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora danced on Saiyyan song after her MMS went viral: Anjali Arora, who rose to fame after creating a Kachcha Badam reel, has shared a new video on Instagram. She can be seen dancing to her recently released song Saiyyan Dil Me Aana Re in this video. Anjali Arora is dressed in a white gown in the video. She is adorned with jewellery. She has open hair and is wearing shoes. She is seen dancing while wearing make-up.

Anjali Arora used two hashtags when she shared the video.

Anjali Arora used two hashtags when she shared the video. Anjali Arora shared it 1 hour ago until writing this news, and it has received over 98000 likes. While there have been over two hundred comments on this video. However, they have also shared the heart and fire emojis. While many people have said Yes Raw Almond, Beautiful, Nice, Amazing, Number One Star Queen, and Hot Baby,

Anjali Arora’s Hot video has gone viral on Instagram.

Anjali Arora’s Instagram video has gone viral. Anjali Arora had previously shared photos from her photoshoot. In another video, she can be seen dancing fiercely to the same song. The explanation was widely accepted. Her videos are extremely popular.

Anjali Arora is an Instagram sensation.

Anjali Arora has 16 million Instagram followers. She also frequently communicates with her fans. Her fans are also very excited as a result of this. Anjali Arora is an Instagram sensation. As a result, she appeared in Lockup Season One. In Lockup Season One, she was also heavily trolled for this. Despite the fact that it had no effect on her.

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