Anil Kapoor says that actresses wants to work with successful heroes

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Anil Kapoor recently talks about the casual thinking of every actress in Bollywood industry. He says that – “There are times when girls want to do films which are girls centric or women centric but sometimes young girls are so influenced that they still want to do films with successful heroes. They feel more safe. They somehow feel scared and want to play safe. So there is that side as well. We have to push them and tell them to not feel scared and just do it.”

Anil Kapoor further adds and says – “All leading ladies have done their best films with me. Be is Madhuri (Dixit) Aishwarya (Rai) or Sridevi or Kajol. You see those films and the actresses are phenomenal in them. In Judaai, the wife wants to sell me. There is a negotiation going on there. There have been so many films in which the leading actresses wanted more money and did them happily.”

Anil Kapoor talks about him and says – “During lockdown, I have set myself the task of achieving a new sharper look. This new look needs a new approach to eating . Both Harsh and my trainer Marc have taken it upon themselves to remind me constantly and lay down eating plans. I try and I battle. Some times I even fall. And what I’ve learnt through it all is that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. So everyone in the house had to get involved.”

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