Anil Kapoor pens a heartfelt note for father Surinder Kapoor

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Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor recently pens a heartfelt message for his dad Surinder Kapoor  on his Birth Anniversary. Anil Kapoor takes Social Media to pen his feelings towards her father. While writing the same he talks about how the immensely respected film producer Surinder Kapoor brought up the four kids and made them learn good values. He believes that he is at this pinnacle of success all because of his dad. He wrote –  “I like to believe that my father lives on in me. In the lessons he taught us, in the love he showered on us, but most importantly in the values I believe in, that I recognize as his – loyalty, honesty, humility, empathy.”

He further adds – “Even in that day and age, he trusted his children to find their own voice and their own way, never dictating the direction of their lives or careers. We faltered, we fumbled. We picked ourselves up and brushed the dirt off, never giving up the search for our destinies. What he gave us is what I have always tried to give our children – faith in the power of goodness. Also dedication to honest hard work and the courage to weather the storms of their lives…”

Anil Kapoor concludes by saying – “Thank you Papa for the memories and the lessons. You live on in our minds and our hearts, today and always!”

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