Anchal Gandhi Will Start The Shoot Of Akhil Parashar Film Dhananjay

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Anchal GandhiAnchal Gandhi has been added to the cast of director Akhil Parashar‘s film Dhananjay. There is a current vogue for political thriller web programmes and films. These types of topics pique the interest of the audience. Similarly, the film Dhananjay, directed by Akhil Parashar, will begin shooting in July with already cast stars such as Ashmit Patel, Shahbaaz Khan, and Zuber K. Khan. Another name has been added to the cast of the film, and that is Anchal Gandhi.

Anchal Gandhi, who recently joined the film’s cast, has lived in Mumbai for nearly two years. She was taking acting classes to learn the intricacies of the craft. She has also participated in a number of initiatives. Anchal Gandhi is not the only newcomer to the film’s cast; Rajneesh Bajpayee, Anushree Kachwaha, Palak Saxena, Vivan Bhardwaj, and Anil Soni have all joined the cast. By May of 2022, the production company Aarav Films Production Pvt Ltd will begin holding workshops for the actors who have been cast in the film.

Dhananjay was begun last year in 2021 by filmmaker Akhil Parashar under his brand Aarav Films Production Pvt Ltd. The film’s music, Thaye Thaye, has been finished and is ready to be released. The film’s director has announced that it will be released very soon with a major music label. He also stated that he has attempted to provide acting opportunities to newcomers who are already vying for roles. By establishing additional ventures in Agra and Delhi, Akhil Parashar has already given newcomer actors an opportunity.

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