ALIBABA BAN: After TikTok, why this popular app may be banned in US?

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After India’s decision of banning Chinese applications, US also came in front. Recently US President Donald Trump closed to do business deals with Chinese companies like TikTok and WeChat. He now gave a hint of banning the leading Chinese app Alibaba. Actually in a media conference, a reporter asked Trump if The US Government is going to ban some more Chinese companies like Alibaba. Trump answered it in positive.

This may be a hint of Donald Trump what he is going to do with so more Chinese companies. The Government is continuously making pressure on owners of Chinese companies. Trump has given 90 days to the parent company of TikTok for selling its American business. US government has now been very strict for taking care of the national security and the personal data of US users. Now after this statement of Donald Trump, China has come in a big trouble.

Trump also added in one of his statement that Chinese apps may be proved very dangerous for US’ economy, national security and foreign policy. There are 100 Million users are using TikTok in America. They still couldn’t understand what this Trump’s order means for themselves. Donald Trump have also demanded the data from ByteDance company which they taken or received from American TikTok users.

Trump is against China since the Corona epidemic. Not only US President but the whole world has doubt on China for this Covid epidemic. As Trump has now taken the decision of banning some Chinese companies including Alibaba, it is clear that he has no more good relations with China and both been against each other.

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