Adipurush Quietly Sneaks Onto OTT Platforms: Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Starrer Goes Digital After Mixed Theatrical Run

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Adipurush Quietly Sneaks Onto OTT Platforms
Adipurush Quietly Sneaks Onto OTT Platforms

Bollywood’s epic saga “Adipurush,” featuring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, has made waves since its release, but not all of them have been positive. Centered around the timeless tale of Ramayana, the film garnered immense attention before its debut, only to face backlash afterward. Criticism poured in for its lackluster visual effects, weak character development, and lackadaisical dialogue. Despite the criticism, the movie managed to secure decent box office numbers, raking in a substantial Rs 287.97 crores in India. While the box office receipts were respectable, the film was lambasted by celebrities and fans alike for its subpar storytelling and underwhelming VFX, with even the dialogue and language choices coming under fire.

Surprisingly, despite these mixed reactions and despite its decent financial performance, the producers of “Adipurush” have opted to quietly shift the movie onto the world of OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms. After a two-month stint in theaters, “Adipurush” slipped into the streaming realm with minimal fanfare. The decision to do so seemingly caught many off-guard, as there was little to no promotional effort leading up to its digital release.

On August 11, the film discreetly landed on two major streaming giants, Prime Video and Netflix. While the four South Indian language versions (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada) were made available on Prime Video, the Hindi rendition found its way onto Netflix. It’s noteworthy that “Adipurush,” helmed by director Om Raut, was originally crafted in Telugu and Hindi.

Boasting a colossal budget exceeding Rs 600 crore, “Adipurush” stands among the most expensive cinematic ventures in Indian history. However, despite its grandiose budget, the film’s financial success remains debatable, even after accumulating a gross worldwide collection approximating Rs 390 crore.

Having initially hit screens on June 16, “Adipurush” showcases Prabhas as the valiant Raghava, also known as Lord Rama, while Kriti Sanon steps into the role of Janaki, or Sita. The antagonist Lankesh, better known as Ravana, is portrayed by Saif Ali Khan. Joining this formidable trio, Sunny Singh embodies Sesh (Lakshmana), Devdatta Nage takes on Bajrang (Lord Hanuman), Vatsal Sheth transforms into Indrajit (Meghnada), Sonal Chauhan becomes Mandodari, Siddhant Karnick portrays Vibhishana, and Krishna Kotian assumes the character of Dashratha.

As “Adipurush” quietly embarks on its digital journey, the movie’s transition from the silver screen to OTT platforms raises questions about the evolving landscape of film distribution and consumption. The move reflects the growing significance of digital platforms as a viable alternative for filmmakers, allowing them to reach diverse audiences without the constraints of traditional theatrical releases.

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