Adah Sharma says story is the hero of OTT unlike theatres

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Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma recently opens more about OTT. She says – “We’ve been talking about how a story is the hero for long but in films that often doesn’t happen. But OTT is doing exactly that. And this approach has redefined the kind of content that’s being favoured and loved. And in the process making stars out of new comers or those who’ve been struggling long enough to create a space in the industry.”

Adah Sharma further adds – “Nothing can disrupt the balance of good content as the audience wants to see good films and shows despite of who’s starring in it. OTT is one place where everyone is given an equal platform. Whether you’re the biggest star or a rank newcomer, on OTT home page everyone’s work is displayed side-by-side for the audience to choose. It’s not like in theatres only big films with stars or star kids would get maximum timing. While small films would get neglected. But now that hopefully won’t happen anymore.”

Talking about OTT she says – “And that has changed our taste for better. Now the audience want entertaining and real stuff. If you can’t hold their interest, you lose out on the game. So you need to put in extra effort.”

She further adds – “Who doesn’t want his or her film to release on the big screen. And see the audience cheering, whistling and clapping? The 70mm charm is unmatchable. Also, the industry employs many people, they also need to go back to work. At the same time, in such difficult times OTT has given us hope and helping us entertain the audience.”

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