Actress Vedvika on a roll

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Vedvika beautiful diva from Gujarat is on signing spree in south committing big budget films as heroine . After her Telugu film spark with mehreen pirzada directed by Aravind Kumar Ravivarma. she is playing as lead in three New telugu. One telugu movie is directed by debutant durgaram and another by Raj thalluri as well one kannada movie directed by shaan in post production

She is making her waves in Haryanvi industry with her trending viral song affair with Kamal digiya has gone viral 1million mark in no time . Fans are all crazed about cute and beautiful appearance of vedvika in the song

Interestingly vedvika has signed few more music lables in Bollywood, she is making her grand entry in tamil & bollywood very soon reportedly she is all set to play as heroine in Bollywood in coming months

Her Instagram presence making her hugely popular and leading brands are all on look out for her collaboration in her insta page @vedvika_

sure this diva vedvika is here to conquer a big stardom in coming months. we wish her all success for her upcoming projects as heroine

Check out the million view trending song here by vedvika


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