Actress Vaani Kapoor Takes Center Stage in ‘Mandala Murders’ – Shooting in Full Swing!

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Actress Vaani Kapoor Takes Center Stage in 'Mandala Murders' - Shooting in Full Swing
Actress Vaani Kapoor Takes Center Stage in ‘Mandala Murders’ – Shooting in Full Swing

Bollywood star Vaani Kapoor is set to make her debut in the digital world with the highly anticipated series “Mandala Murders.” The crime thriller is produced by Yash Raj Films and directed by Gopi Puthran, known for his excellent storytelling.

Vaani Kapoor shared her excitement about entering the world of OTT platforms and working with Gopi Puthran, who is a skilled filmmaker. She said she was looking for something unique for her OTT debut and feels thrilled to be part of “Mandala Murders,” a gritty crime thriller that challenges her to step into a genre she hasn’t explored before.

To portray her character authentically, Vaani had to use all her acting skills and experiences. She embraced the challenge and worked hard to bring the vision of the makers to life. Vaani mentioned that she is a dedicated actor who never takes shortcuts and respects the art of filmmaking.

“Mandala Murders” has been a significant test for Vaani as an actor, and she hopes her performance will be appreciated and loved. She is fully engrossed in the shooting of the series and is eager to captivate people’s attention with this project.

The OTT debut of Vaani Kapoor in “Mandala Murders” is eagerly awaited by her fans and the audience. With Yash Raj Films’ backing and Gopi Puthran’s direction, the series promises to deliver a powerful and engaging cinematic experience.

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