Actor Sharad Kumar Shrivastav is coming with his film Watchman

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Actor Sharad Kumar ShrivastavActor Sharad Kumar Shrivastav: Artists who want to do something out of the box, they are discussed a lot and such people give birth to new traditions in the society. Versatile actor Sharad Kumar Shrivastav is in a lot of discussion these days about his upcoming film Watchman. His role in this film is amazing. Watchman which is inspired by real life. In cities, the watchman has a life of his own, in which there is a struggle, a duty as well as a sense of responsibility.

The film’s writer director Vinay Sandilya is also very excited about this project. He says that Watchman not only has all the masala of entertainment but it also gives a social message. The story of the film is inspired from real life so the audience will be able to connect to it.

Actor Sharad Kumar Shrivastav, Ritu Pandey, Sanjeev Mishra, Anu Upadhyay, Baleshwar Singh, Kalyani Jha, Madhuri Pandey, Shambhu Rana, Pradeep Jayaswar and SK Yadav have acted in the main characters of the film. The film Watchman, being produced under the banner of Kanak Films, is such a film of Bhojpuri cinema, watching which the audience will experience something new.

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