Actor Arpit Bhardwaj joins the cast of ‘Film love In Dehradun’ Produced by Shafeeq Rahman

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Actor Arpit Bhardwaj from Haridwar Uttarakhand, got a chance to work in the Bollywood film Love in Dehradun. Shafeeq Rahman The producer of the film, said that he liked Arpit’s acting and because of this he has been selected to play the villain’s character in the film.

28-year-old Arpit Bhardwaj is a software developer. He was fond of acting since childhood, when he came to know about the film Love in Dehradun, he auditioned for it online. Let’s tell you that this film is being made under the banner of Star Life Hyderabad, whose director is Sagar Joshi.

Shafeeq Rahman told that the shooting of the film will start soon. Due to the story related to Dehradun, most parts of the film will be shot in the city of Dehradun.

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