Covid-19: Richa Chadda becomes script writer during lockdown

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Actress Richa Chadda is making good use of her lockdown time as she ventured into script writing. She told that it all started with just putting some ideas on paper and it soon became an interesting idea.

Richa said, “It all started with penning the idea and it soon became an interesting idea. Now it looks like a concept that I would like to work on. This is a comedy concept which is my favorite genre. Its premise is hilarious. “

She said that she wanted to write something and focus on why people should give priority.

She added that “The fact is that all our lives have come to a scary halt, which has made me think about the fragility of human existence.” I want to write something that focuses on why we should give priority to other people. Often we are so busy chasing everything, that we stop thinking for ourselves and forget what really matters to us.

Lockdown has made her try to figure out her creative side. Richa Chadha said, “It’s been within me for a long time and the entire lockdown phase has made my creative side aware. I’m just writing a summary and concept of the story, then I will start looking for a screenwriter. “

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